The IPhone 3GS Smart Phone

The actual iPhone is really a gadget that probably doesnt need an introduction since Apple sold millions of them putting them in a stable top position in the smart phone tree. It needed very little iphone repairs Baton Rouge since it was built so well.

Of course, the competitors are certainly not permitting the iPhone steal the fun as innovative mobile hardware technology is brought to light. Since mobile applications become demanding and also much more frequently used, speed improvements need to be made accordingly on both the hardware and software end.

And additionally for many people newer is not always more desirable. The iPhone 4 has made an enormous mark in the world involving smart phones but that has not stopped people from continuing to acquire the iPhone 3GS.


If not for the predecessors of the iPhone 3GS it might not have been so popular, but, as the iPhone’s before had been such great phones it laid the actual ground work for the iPhone 3GS. Although not everybody is crazy about the iPhone, the app store has over three hundred thousand applications that had been developed by other people, for just that phone.

No other competitors can make use of the iOS operating system and iPhone users generally get to experience the newest applications before Android or other platform users. The particular software for this phone is also upgradable, which makes this specific phone a number 1 choice for a great many people. Due to the update a lot of things had been improved upon with the iPhone 3GS, specifically better connectivity with the iPad and also considerably faster browser speeds and did not need many repairs.

Relating to the hardware end, the iPhone 3GS looks similar to the past 2 iPhones which is perfect for those that are already used to the style. Fingerprints and also smudges were a bit of a problem with the prior models, however the 3rd model improved the touch screen to make it a lot more smudge resistant.

The actual camera is additionally a bit better than past versions with its 3-megapixel sensor and important auto focus function so the quality is more noticeable. And since many people want to use their phones as convenient camcorders the point that this unit catches video at 30 fps, is impressive enough, but you are also able to publish your videos straight to YouTube.

Down Sides

The iPhone 3GS Smart-Phone is lacking in multitasking capabilities even if you upgrade to the most recent iOS because it is a hardware constraint where only the iPhone 4 is worthy of managing. The truth is, if you compare the 3G and 3GS, the list of differences isnt actually that much besides the speed enhancements.

Even though this phone has a lot more capabilities than most phones currently available, a lot of people still believe that it is a waste and people should just get the iPhone 4.

Of course you can not ignore price. This specific phone can be purchased through AT&T for only $49 with a contract, and price makes a big difference to many. I am sure you remember when this cellular phone first came out it cost over 4 times that amount, so for the price it is certainly a good deal.

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